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The development of a excellent company is to balance ecological stability, green environment and low carbon emissions. We not only pursue the current economic benefits, but also consider the long-term development of the enterprise. Green environmental protection will be the theme of development. It is our responsibility and consciousness to leave a green earth for future generations.

In the production R&D, the company pursues the principle of "harmony between product and environment, enterprise and society", attaches importance to environmental protection, and discharges "waste water, waste, and waste gas" in line with national emission standards and sanitary standards, and never leaked harmful substances. Never pollute the surrounding environment of the plant. In recent years, the company has increased investment in science and technology and promoted technological advances in energy conservation and emission reduction:

◆ The company's production line energy-saving technology transformation, elimination of high-consumption and inefficient processing equipment, update production process, new CNC boring and milling machining center, resin sand molding production line and other advanced equipment, reduce energy consumption, streamline the process, and implement energy-saving emission reduction in all aspects.

◆ The company's vigorous development of ZZ, ZWX, ZBG, ZLH, ZLX, CL, ZSS, S (large caliber), D (large caliber) and other models, in line with the national environmental protection policies and requirements of emerging countries.

◆ Through continuous improvement and optimization, the company has mastered many leading manufacturing technologies and achieved high-quality and high-efficiency production, thus achieving the goal of low-carbon and green manufacturing.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Employee Care

The company adheres to the people-oriented corporate philosophy and encourages employees to grow and develop together with the company. In order to keep employees in good working condition, the company establishes a trade union organization, cares for every employee, and cares about the family of each employee.

1. Organization care

■ There is a general manager reception day. Each employee can report personal appeals or make recommendations to the company via email. Suggestions will be rewarded once adopted.

■ Monthly Reward: Every month, employees will be rewarded with written recognition and bonuses.

2. Humanistic care

■ Birthday celebration cash: Each year,every single staff owns birthday card and birthday celebration cash from company

■ Solve the problem of employees' enrollment qualifications

■ The company will positively help the staffs who and whose direct relatives are suffering heavy accidents or difficulties.

3. Safety care

■ Transportation guarantee: Free bus service for on and off duty.

■ Regularly organize employees to conduct occupational medical examinations and establish personal medical examination files.

■ Regularly distribute labor insurance products and distribute heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines and refreshing drinks. Fourth, career care

■ Continuing Education: Provide comprehensive technical training opportunities for technical backbones.

■ Training/Promotion System: Standardized professional knowledge training and personnel management training system to create skills promotion and job promotion opportunities for young people.

4. Welfare care

■ Festival care: Gifts and shopping cards are issued.

■ Staff canteen: Provide free lunch and overtime meals for all employees.

■ Annual wages: Calculated from the beginning of the entry year, increasing year by year.

■ Stylistic activities: All employees have the opportunity to participate in sports, entertainment or other activities organized by the company, such as sports games, spring tours, outreach training, basketball games and other activities.

Society Care

The company has social responsibility. While pursuing economic benefits, we will not forget to repay the society. The company adheres to the spirit of “being a society and serving the society”, actively participates in poverty alleviation activities, and returns to society with practical actions. Sichuan is a region with frequent natural disasters. Debris flows, earthquakes, and floods occur frequently. Every time the company actively donates money and materials to organize disaster relief. Every year, the organizers personally go to the poverty-stricken mountainous areas to send materials, donate money to students in poverty-stricken areas, and all the employees of the company are enthusiastic about charity and public welfare undertakings, which have been affirmed and praised by all walks of life.