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Slurry Pump

Slurry pump

A slurry pump is also known as a lined pump or dredge pump and is a centrifugal pump for transporting a fluid handled containing highly abrasive solids such as flotations, suspensions of slag, coal or ore in mining and sinter sludges, or in sand and gravel extraction. 

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They are particularly heavily exposed to erosive wear (see Erosion). They are therefore designed in such a way that their wetted surfaces are hard-faced by deposit welding and the components exposed to wear such as rings, bushes, discs, casing inserts, impellers and all types of linings, can easily be replaced by new ones. 

They must therefore be reasonably inexpensive and consist of materials which are particularly resistant to abrasion or a combination of abrasion and corrosion.

Slurry Pumps

Industrial non-clog slurry pumps engineered for dredging, process pumping applications, highly viscous or abrasive material, sludge, muck, paste, high solids and abrasive applications.

Slurry type

What is a slurry? Typically, the term slurry is used to refer to a mixture of a liquid and a solid or combination of solids. The liquid is often referred to as the carrier fluid and in most cases is water, although it can be anything from an acid solution (eg nitric acid) to a hydrocarbon (eg diesel).

Producing a slurry or maintaining solid suspension in static conditions is outside the scope of this article.

Slurries can broadly be broken down into two types: settling, and non-settling slurries. This characterisation is based on the nature of the solid(s). Non-settling slurries contain solids made up of fine particles, which largely remain in suspension when the applied mixing energy ceases. Settling slurries, as the name suggests, contain solids whose particles settle out when the applied mixing energy ceases. From a designer’s perspective, it is important to know the type of slurry. For example, non-settling slurries can be transported around under laminar flow conditions, whereas turbulent flow conditions are required for settling slurries, particularly in horizontal sections.

PUMPS are the backbone of the process industry. In a process plant, it is necessary to move material from one point to another. In keeping with the laws of thermodynamics, fluids move from an area of high pressure to low, and depending on the plant layout often require the assistance of a pump to achieve this. With many different pump types available, selecting the right pump can be tricky, especially when slurries are involved.

What is a Slurry Pump?

A Slurry pump is a special sort of pump able to manage slurry. Unlike water pumps, are slurry pumps are subject to put on and also are much more robust and sturdy.

Slurry Pumps Types

There are a number of kinds of slurry pumps, the most common: centrifugal pumps and favorable displacement pumps.

Centrifugal slurry pumps which can supply high ability with minimal head are mostly used in pumping slurry with pipes at focus listed below 70% solids by weight. Centrifugal slurry pumps could be vertical, horizontal or submersible.

Positive displacement slurry pumps which can supply high heads with minimal capacity are made use of in pumping slurry with pipes with really high concentration of solids.

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