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Products of Zigong Pump & Valve including slurry pumps, chemical pumps, Diesel Engine Pump, water pumps and Magnetic Pump, petrochemical pumps and Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump. The 50 series pumps have more than 800 specifications and serve the fields of petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical, mining, textile, environmental protection, electric power, municipal facilities, etc., and play an important role in the national economic construction.

Chemical Pump Features

■ The impeller and shaft are connected by a key and locked by a special impeller nut. Eliminates the possibility of impeller nuts becoming loose during operation, shutting down, and backflow.

Chemical pumps measure as well as dispense chemicals within metered water treatment systems. Chemical metering pump systems treat well water systems.

Chemical transfer magnetic drive pumps move liquids such as moderate acids, mild antacid, and also deep sea, and they isolate the pump device from the electric motor to help eliminate seal-caused friction loss, wear, contamination, and also leak.

Diaphragm Pump MOC

■ Plastic

■ SS304,SS316,SS316L

Diesel Engine Pump Application

■Non-corrosive and highly-polluted sewage drain

Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump Configuration

Motor Factory standard:Reputed China brands Optional configurations:ABB, Siemens, Nanyany, Jiamusi or designated brands

Magnetic Pump Structure

1. Pump casing

2. Thrust collar

May You Ask

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps distribute water as well as transfer fluids. They are generally utilized in business and industrial applications, such as filtering system water, boosting water pressure, as well as aerating ponds and also fountains.

Self-priming, mobile utility pumps quicken water drainage. Rust immune pumps relocate chemicals as well as resist damage from acids or chemicals.

Booster pumps enhance pressure in city keys or residential buildings, and also can make the most of purification procedures in fish pond systems.

How Does A Slurry Pump Work? 

The Centrifugal Slurry Pump Utilises The Centrifugal Force Generated By A Rotating Impeller To Impart Energy To The Slurry In The Same Manner As Clear Liquid Type Centrifugal Pumps.