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Plunger Pump

We provide most comprehensive line of reciprocating plunger positive displacement pumps. There are more than twenty specifications and series from 2HP to 1020HP. We also have excellent after-sales team and technical engineers for comprehensive high pressure fluid conveying service.

High pressure reciprocating plunger pumps have 24 series within 800 specifications. The highest output pressure available is 280 MPa. Triplex reciprocating plunger pumps and reciprocating five-plunger pumps are the excellent high pressure positive displacement piston pumps. These pumps have outstanding performance and stable pressure ratings and slow speed operation.

The flow parts of reciprocating plunger pumps could choose a variety of materials, such as stainless steel,SS304,SS316,SS316L, duplex stainless steel,2205,2507,CD4MCu, 904L, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy, etc. and could cope with strong acid and alkali and other corrosive media.

These high pressure reciprocating plunger pumps are used as: waterflooding injection pumps used in oil field, three-column polymer injection pumps used in polymer oil driven processing in EOR, filling pumps used as liquefied carbon dioxide storage tank, high pressure steam boiler feed pumps, carbon dioxide supercritical extraction pumps, high pressure mud pumps, cement grouting pumps, reciprocating crude oil pumps, reverse osmosis desalination pumps, high pressure dephosphorizing pumps used in metallurgical industry and other high pressure injection pumps.

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