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Commonly Used Self-Priming Pump Specifications and Types

Learn - Sep. 17, 2020

What are the specifications and models of the self-priming pump? They are mainly divided into a civil self-priming pump for deep well water (self-priming height is 30 meters), gas-liquid foam self-priming pump containing gas foam, and the more common corrosion resistant self-priming pump in the specifications and models of the self-priming pump.

1. The specifications and models of self-priming pumps that can absorb deep well water are suitable for use in environments with a wellhead diameter of more than 100mm. The self-priming height can reach 30 meters, but the flow range of this series of self-priming pumps is small. The flow rate is the only 2.7m3/h, and the head can be Reach 100 meters. The self-priming pump that can absorb deep well water is only suitable for transporting clean water in an environment with large sand content. It is not easy to use otherwise the rubber sleeve is easy to wear and damage, and it is not suitable for transporting corrosive liquids.

2. The specifications and models of the airwave foam self-priming pump. The suction power of this air-liquid foam self-priming pump is also very good. The self-priming height can reach 6 meters. If the pump body is not filled with water, it can also reach 3 meters. The pump is mainly used in the working environment where the pumping liquid contains gas or foam.

Self-Priming Pump

3. Fluoroplastic strong self-priming bucket pump with the suction of 7 meters Specification model: Strong self-priming bucket pump with the suction of 7 meters is driven by magnetic force. Its flow range is 2-8m3/h, and its head is 45-12m. It has a performance range. Wide, fast gas-liquid separation speed, short self-priming time, high suction range (up to 7 meters). This self-priming pump is particularly suitable for the working conditions of small delivery volume and continuous changing of barreled media (that is, the so-called bucket), which solves a major problem of media delivery in this type of industry.

4. Good suction and corrosion-resistant self-priming pump specifications: high-performance fluoroplastic self-priming centrifugal pump, with large gas-liquid separation chamber, unobstructed return channel, imported design with advanced and reliable check valve, high and low pressure zone The seal is reliable, the exhaust time is obviously shortened, and the inlet evacuation force is strong, which greatly improves the self-priming performance, and its self-priming height can reach 5 meters (under normal pressure).

5. No leakage, no shaft seal corrosion-resistant magnetic self-priming pump specifications: self-priming magnetic drive pump (3-7) m, a perfect combination of self-priming pump and magnetic pump. Using magnetic coupling transmission, there is no dynamic sealing point. Therefore, the phenomenon that the shaft seal of the general shaft drive centrifugal pump runs out, leaks, drips, and leaks are prevented. It also has a good self-priming function. The flow parts are made of corrosion-resistant fluorine materials.

The above information is provided by the self-priming pump manufacturer.