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Concentrating Solar Power Plant——CSP

Learn - Apr. 13, 2023


We can’t live without energy, and currently the world's energy supply is facing three basic problems: The first is the limitation of oil and coal resources. The one is the greenhouse effect caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions. The third is the insecurity of nuclear power plants. Therefore, every country and region is actively looking for developing renewable clean energy. Among them, the solar energy, as the most abundant form, will be an important substitute for global energy supply in the future, and is the most potential new energy. Concentrating Solar Power Plant is an important part of renewable energy generation technology.

The operating principle of concentrating solar power plant: 


The sun's heat is concentrated in a special coated heat absorber (heliostat receiver), which continuously collects solar radiation during the day. The absorbed radiation heats up a heat transfer fluid ( molten salt in a central tower). The heat is then transferred to a heat exchanger, which produces steam to drive a turbine.

In a concentrating solar power plant, the most important steps are the circulation of molten salt and the heat exchange of molten salt in the salt storage tank. The high temperature molten salt pump is the key fluid equipment. High temperature molten salt is the key thermal storage medium. Molten salt is a typical mixture of sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate) and potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate). When the temperature of molten salt is between 400℃ and 600℃, molten salt faces the challenges of insulation, transportation and sealing. Only the reliable high temperature molten salt pump could ensure the normal operation of a concentrating solar power plant.

In the photothermal power generation project, the high temperature molten salt pump is used to transport the high temperature molten salt to the central receiving tower to store heat. It is the core power equipment of the concentrate solar power plant. The working temperature of molten salt pump is 300℃ to 550℃, and the severe working condition demands the reliable molten salt pump.