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Correct Use and Maintenance Method of Acid and Alkali Resistant Magnetic Pump

Learn - May. 21, 2020

Acid and alkali resistant magnetic pump is a new type of pump that uses the magnetic force of permanent magnets to achieve non-contact torque transmission. When the motor drives the outer rotor (ie, outer magnet) assembly to rotate, the magnetic field lines drive the inner rotor (ie, inner magnet) assembly and the impeller through the magnetic field of the isolation sleeve to rotate synchronously. The flow channel is made entirely of acid and alkali resistant materials and can transport corrosive media of any concentration (strength), such as acids, alkalis, oxidants, etc. The isolation sleeve is made of special materials with high strength and mechanical properties, which eliminates the magnetic eddy current phenomenon in the magnetic pump. In order to prolong its service life, we need to use the acid and alkali resistant magnetic pump correctly and maintain it regularly.

Magnetic Pump

The following is the use and maintenance of magnetic pumps:

1. Startup and operation:

The safety impact of debris removal equipment and equipment operators everywhere.

Before starting, inject the liquid to be delivered into the pump (if the pump is in the suction state), open the inlet valve, close the outlet gate valve, and turn on the power.

Turn on the power and check that the pump is turned correctly.

Several groups of the test run for 3-6 minutes if any abnormal phenomenon can not be put into operation.

2. Normal shutdown:

The gate valve of the outlet should be closed before the power supply is cut off.

3. Emergency stop:

Stop the motor immediately, and then close the outlet valve and inlet valve.

4. Repair and maintenance:

Important components such as the pump body and motor of the acid and alkali resistant magnetic pump must be regularly inspected and maintained.

If the pump is not used for a long period of time, pay attention to regular inspections, clean the flow channels in the pump, and keep no residual liquid; cut off the power supply and cover with a dust cover to take dust-proof measures.

Check the pipeline inlet and outlet to prevent damage caused by foreign objects entering the pump body.

Pay attention to the temperature of the conveying medium to prevent the high temperature from damaging the pump body sealing ring.

If the head is too high, the acid-alkali-resistant magnetic pump is recommended to install a check valve on the water outlet line to avoid the sudden closing of the pipe valve and damage.

When shutting off, the first discharge valve is closed, then cut off the pump power.

Check for water accumulation at the power cord and looseness of the power cord.

It must be rotated strictly according to the starting direction of the indicator piece, and counterclockwise rotation and idling are strictly prohibited.

Pay attention to wearing parts and replace them when worn or damaged.

The above information is provided by the magnetic drive pump manufacturer.