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Premium Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Learn - Nov. 13, 2023

As we know, the reciprocating plunger pump have characteristics of high pressure and high efficiency, and the pressure is not affected by the change of flow rate, which provide a stable flow output.


plunger pumps belong to positive displacement pumps, which depend on the periodic change of the volume in the working chamber to achieve the purpose of conveying medium. The mechanical energy of the motor is directly converted into the pressure energy of the conveying medium by the plunger pump. The flow rate of the pump depends only on the working chamber volume change value and change frequency, and has nothing to do with the discharge pressure. The reciprocating plunger pump is based on the reciprocating movement of the plunger (piston) in the working chamber of the cylinder (or through the periodic elastic deformation of the diaphragm, bellows and other flexible elements in the working chamber) to produce periodic changes in the working chamber volume. Structurally, the working chamber of the reciprocating plunger pump is separated from the outside by means of a sealing device, and is connected or closed with the pipeline through the pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve).


The working principle of the reciprocating plunger pump determines its wide range of applications. The reciprocating plunger pump obtains high discharge pressure, and the flow is independent of pressure, and the suction performance is excellent, owns high efficiency. The range of medium that can be transported is very wide, and the performance of the plunger pump does not change along with the pressure and the viscosity of the medium.

reciprocating-five-plunger-pumps   water-injection-plunger-pump-on-field

Reciprocating five-plunger pumps are used in various working conditions with hydraulic power, like field water injection, large displacement sewage reinjection, coal mine water injection, high pressure scale-washing, high pressure steam boiler feed water pump, CO2 supercritical extraction pump, cement grouting pump, injection microbial solution pump, polymer injection pump, hydraulic balance booster injection pump, oil and gas mixed transport pump, reverse osmosis, and so on.


● The reciprocating five-plunger pump could be equipped with an intelligent detection system, which has the function of alarm and automatic shutdown when the suction pressure is too low, the discharge pressure is too high, the lubricating oil temperature is too high, overload, three-phase current imbalance, and the motor bearing and winding temperature is too high.

● According to the physicochemical property of the conveying medium, the reciprocating plunger pump could choose a cylinder block of different materials. For the severe field conditions, conveying corrosive medium, Cl- content up to 130000mg/L, the reciprocating plunger pump is made from titanium or titanium alloy would be the perfect conveying equipment. 

● Different transmission structures can be selected: 

V-belts driven structure of the reciprocating plunger pump;
Gearbox driven structure of the reciprocating plunger pump.

● Plunger pumps could be customized on a baseplate with control cabinet and diesel engine, which achieve the movable plunger pump system with trailer.

diesel-engine-five-plunger-pump   the-plunger-pump-with-control-cabinet-on-a-movable-trailer