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Classification of Centrifugal Pumps

Learn - Apr. 17, 2023

It's interesting when we talk about centrifugal pumps, this is a centrifugal pumpHorizontal chemical centrifugal pump, this is a centrifugal pumpMultistage centrifugal pump, this turns out to be a centrifugal pumpVertical submerged line shaft centrifugal pump. They are very different in shape and size, but they would still be collectively referred to as centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps are a big category, and we classify centrifugal pumps according to their internal structure or other characteristics.

Centrifugal pumps are widely used in modern industry and daily life. Centrifugal pumps are found in all areas of fluid transport.

Centrifugal pumps are divided into many types according to different structural characteristics.

■  According to the number of working impeller: there are single stage pumps and multistage pumps;

■  According to the working pressure: there are low pressure pumps, medium pressure pumps, high pressure pumps;

■   According to the suction type: there are single suction pumps and double suction pump;

■  According to the pump casing joint form: there are horizontal split casing pumps and vertical joint pumps;

■    According to the discharge type: there are volute pumps and guide vane pumps.

For example, we sometimes say one pump belongs to a multistage pump according to the impeller stage number, then observe its structural characteristics, and it may be horizontal pump, or vertical combined surface pump, or guide vane pump, or high pressure pump, or single-side water pump, etc.

■  According to the different position of the pump shaft: there are horizontal pumps and vertical pumps. Horizontal centrifugal pump are the most widely used in petrochemical industry.

■    Horizontal centrifugal pumps according to the pump casing split form: there are radial split horizontal centrifugal pumps and axial split horizontal centrifugal pumps

■   According to the number of pump casing: there are single casing pumps and double casing pumps  (cylinder type);

■   According to the bearing support type: there are cantilever centrifugal pumps and between-bearings centrifugal pumps.

The chart below is simple and clear and very easy to understand the classification of centrifugal pumps.

Pump typeOrientationType code
Centrifugal pumpsCantileverFlexibly coupledHorizontalFoot-mountedHorizontal chemical centrifugal pumpOH1
Centerline-supportedCenterline-mounted OH2 high temperature centrifugal pumpOH2
Vertical in-line with bearing bracket    In-line pumpOH3
Rigidly coupledVertical in-line
Closed-coupledVertical in-line
High-speed integrally geared
Between-bearingsSingle-stage and two-stageAxially split  Horizontal axially split double suction pump
Radially splitRadially split double suction pump
MultistageAxially splitAxially split multistage pump
Radially splitSingle casingMultistage pumpBB4

Double casingHigh pressure segmental self-balancing multistage pump BB5
Vertically suspendedSingle casingDischarge through columnDiffuserVertical multistage long shaft pumpVS1
Volute    Vertical submerged volute pumpVS2
Axial flow  Vertical axial flow pumpVS3
Separate dischargeLine shaft     Vertical submerged line shaft pumpVS4
Cantilever   Vertical submerged cantilever pumpVS5
Double casingDiffuser            Vertical double casing multistage pumpVS6
Volute         Vertical double casing volute pumpVS7