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Chemical Pump

  • Chemical mixed flow pump
  • Chemical mixed flow pump
  • Chemical mixed flow pump
  • Chemical mixed flow pump

Chemical mixed flow pump

The hydraulic model of ZHH chemical mixed flow pump is optimized by CFD, with the advantages of stable, high efficiency, energy-saving and low operating cost. The ZHH series has full specifications, its pump diameter is from 200 mm to 900 mm, and therefore is able to satisfy the different capacity of various process. It is suitable for the fluid circulation of ammonium phosphate and potash fertilizer process, and it is the most ideal pump for such processes. ZHH mixed flow pump can be also used in the similar chemical applications to form the forced circulation of big flow of corrosive fluids with suspending particles.There are various materials available for our mixed flow pump, including stainless steel SS304, SS316, SS316L, 904L, duplex stainless steel CD4MCu, 2205, 2507, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, Nickel...

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  • Performance

■Flow rate: Q= 200~8300(m³/h)

■Total head: H= 5~19 (m)

■Pump speed: n=490~1450rpm

■Fluid s.g.: γ ≤1.5

■Fluid temperature: T=0~105℃

■Pump diameter: 200~900mm

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