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Chemical Pump

  • Horizontal chemical axial flow pump

Horizontal chemical axial flow pump

Owns 8 patent technologies, the comprehensive performance of ZW axial flow pump ranks in top among all the local competitors in China. It is a product of provincial achievement, and it gained the award of technology progress of China machinery industry. There are plenty of real sales achievements for every single specification from diameter 250 mm to 1500 mm. ZW axial flow pump is widely used as forced circulation pump in the applications of big flow rate with low total head, for example: MVR water treatment, vacuum salt, aluminum oxide, sodium sulfate, chlorine-alkali, sugar making, seawater desalination...

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  • Features

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  • Performance

■Flow rate: Q=250~55000(m³/h)

■Total head: H=8~1.5 (m)

■Speed: n=180~1450rpm

■Fluid s.g.: γ ≤1.5

■Fluid temperature: T=0~180℃

■Fluid viscosity: ν ≤600(mm2/s)

■Pump diameter: Ф250mm~1800mm