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History of a Roto-Jet Pump / Pitot Tube Pump

Learn - Feb. 13, 2023

Pitot Tube Pumps/Roto-Jet Pumps
roto-jet pumps/pitot tube pumps

The Pitot tube pump has a history of more than one hundred years since its invention.

You might wonder, why is it sometimes called a Pitot tube pump and sometimes a roto-jet pump?  Browse the history of roto jet pumps, you will know the answer.

●In the 18th century, Henri Pitot, a French hydraulic engineer, had invented the Pitot tube pump, which was used to measure the velocity and pressure of fluids. The pump was named after him-Pitot Tube Pump.

●In the early 1960s, the United states pump manufacturing company began to develop the enclosed rotor and cover, which combined with the enclosed radial impeller. They were basis of the pitot tube pump( rotary jet pump).

●In the 1960s, Challenge-Cook Brothers patented the basic pitot pump.

●In 1971, Kobe Corporation, a division of Baker International, purchased the patent and manufacturing rights for the rotary jet pump.

●In 1972, Kobe sold the latest design of the pitot pump RB.

●From 1972 to 1979, Kobe introduced six separate pump lines based on pitot tube technology and obtained 35 pitot pump design patents.

●In the 1980s, due to its rotating housing, pitot tubes were considered as a solution to many high pressure pump problems due to their simple structure and diverse functions, often referred to as the "reverse pump".

●In 1984, Baker International transferred the Roto-Jet production line to Baker Elevator Systems, another division of Baker International. Since then, we have called it Roto-Jet-Pump.

●In 1985, Baker International produced a smaller type of roto-jet pump, the R11.

The EnviroTech line was launched in 1987 when Baker International merged with Hughes Tool Company to form Baker Hughes Inc

●In 1994, increased capacity pitot tube pumps and vertical roto-jet pumps were introduced. Modern roto-jet pumps are based on these two types of pumps.