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Precautions for Magnetic Pumps

Learn - Jan. 06, 2021

The magnetic pump consists of three parts: the pump, the magnetic drive and the motor. The key component, the magnetic actuator, consists of an outer magnetic rotor, an inner magnetic rotor and a non-conductive isolation sleeve.

When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic material, driving the inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to make the synchronous rotation, realising the contactless transmission of power and transforming the dynamic seal into a static seal.

Magnetic Pump

Precautions for magnetic pumps  

1. Prevent particles from entering

(1) Do not allow ferromagnetic impurities and particles to enter the magnetic drive and bearing friction sub.

(2) Flush in time after conveying media that are easy to crystallize or precipitate (fill the pump cavity with clean water after stopping the pump and discharge cleanly after 1min of operation) in order to guarantee the service life of the sliding bearing.

(3) When conveying media containing solid particles, the pump should be filtered at the inlet of the flow pipe.

2. Prevent demagnetisation

(1) The magnetic torque should not be designed to be too small.

(2) It should be operated under the specified temperature conditions, and the medium temperature should not be exceeded. Can be installed on the outer surface of the magnetic pump isolation sleeve platinum resistance temperature sensor to detect the temperature rise of the ring gap area, so that the temperature exceeds the limit when the alarm or stop. 

3. Prevent dry friction

(1) Idling is strictly prohibited.

(2) No media evacuation is allowed.

(3) With the outlet valve closed, the pump must not run continuously for more than 2min to prevent the magnetic drive from overheating and failing.

4. Not to be used in systems with pressure

Due to the existence of a certain system between the magnetic pump cavity and the magnetic pump is used in the "static bearing", so the series of pumps can never be used in the system with pressure, positive pressure and negative pressure are not feasible.

(a) Because the magnetic pump bearing cooling and lubrication is by the transported medium, so absolutely forbidden to airlift, while avoiding in the middle of the work after the power outage and then start when no-load operation.

(b) If the medium to be conveyed contains solid particles, the pump inlet should be filtered: if it contains ferromagnetic particles, a magnetic filter should be added.

(c) The ambient temperature of the pump in use should be less than 40℃, and the temperature rise of the motor should not exceed 75℃.

(d) The medium to be conveyed and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump material. The operating temperature of the engineering plastic pump is <60℃, the operating temperature of the metal pump is <100℃, the conveying suction pressure is not more than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure is 1.6MPa, the density is not more than 1600Kg/m3, the viscosity is not more than 30X10-6m2/S of the liquid without hard particles and fibres.

(e) For the conveyed liquid is easy to precipitate crystallization of the medium, should be cleaned in time after use, draining the accumulated liquid in the pump.

(f) After 1000 hours of normal operation, the magnetic pump should be dismantled to check the wear and tear of the bearings and end-face moving ring, and replace the wearing parts that are no longer suitable.

 The information is provided by a magnetic pump supplier.