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Selection of excellent employees

Learn - Jan. 18, 2017

After the selection of all the staff of the company, a total of six people got the 2016 Zigong Pump & Valve Outstanding Staff Award! These six outstanding employees whoes come from various departments and positions of the company. This is the company's affirmation of their hard work for one year, and it is also the harvest they have earned.

The year was over in a twinkling of an eye. Zigong Pumps & Valves is a group of outstanding employees who love and work hard to do their own work to achieve today's achievements. In 2016, Zigong Pump & Valve has many new breakthroughs. It has produced a large-scale axial flow pump of MONEL400 with a diameter of 1100mm. It has successfully won the bid for the Mexican project in the international market and won several national key chemical project cooperation. These are all achieved by the company's concerted efforts and hard work. I wish our company would have a bigger development in 2017.