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What Is the Difference between Globe Valve and Gate Valve?

Learn - Feb. 08, 2021

Each kind of valve is different in appearance, structure and even functional use. However, globe valves and gate valves have some similarities in appearance, and both have the function of cutting off in the pipeline, so it is especially important to know what is the difference between globe valves and gate valves. The next gate valve supplier will introduce the difference between globe valve and gate valve.


Installation space is limited in the case of selection to pay attention to gate valve can rely on the medium pressure tightly and sealing surface tightly closed, so as to achieve the effect of no leakage. When opening and closing the spool and seat sealing surface always contacts and rub each other, so the sealing surface is easy to wear, the gate valve is in close to close, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the pipeline is very large so that the sealing surface wear more serious.

Gate valve structure will be more complex than the globe valve, from the shape of the same calibre, the gate valve is higher than the globe valve, the globe valve is longer than the gate valve. In addition, the gate valve has a clear stem and concealed stem.

Gate Valve

Principle of operation

The shut-off valve opens and closes with a rising stem, which means that the handwheel rotates and lifts along with the stem. Gate valve is to turn the handwheel so that the stem will do the lifting motion, the handwheel itself position remains unchanged.

The flow rate varies, with gate valves requiring full opening or closing, while globe valves do not. Globe valves have a specified inlet and outlet direction, while gate valves do not have an inlet and outlet direction requirement.

In addition, the gate valve has only two states: fully open or fully closed, and the stroke of the gate opening and closing is large and the opening and closing time is long. The travel of the valve plate of the globe valve is much smaller, and the valve plate of the globe valve can stop at a certain place in the movement to do flow regulation. The gate valve can only be used to cut off and has no other function.

Performance difference

A globe valve can be used for both cutoff and flow regulation. The fluid resistance of shut-off valve is relatively high, and it takes more effort to open and close, but because the distance between the valve plate and the sealing surface is short, the opening and closing stroke are short.

Gate valve because it can only be fully open and fully closed, it is fully open, the medium flow resistance in the valve body channel is almost 0, so the gate valve will be very effortless to open and close, but the distance between the gate plate and the sealing surface is far, and the opening and closing time is long.