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Slurry Pump

  • Double-layer slurry pump

Double-layer slurry pump

ZZ slurry pump is a research and development achievement for decades. In 2009, it won the Zigong Science and Technology Progress Award. The efficient design of solid-liquid two-phase flow is optimized. There are a variety of seal types, transfer methods and anti-wear materials for different applications. Suitable for pumping corrosive or abrasive slurries containing solids such as concentrates, tailings, coal ash, cinders, slurries, sediments... they can work in series if required.

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■Flow rate: Q=10~5000(m³/h)

■Total head: H=20~120 (m)

■Speed: n=490~2900rpm

■S.g.: γ ≤1.5

■Temperature: T=0~120℃

■Pump diameter: 50~450mm