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Slurry Pump

  • Single-layer casing slurry pump

Single-layer casing slurry pump

The MHT single layer light duty slurry pump is an optimized design based on the theory of solid-liquid two-phase flow. It is a low head slurry pump with a variety of seal types, drive types and anti-wear materials for different applications. Suitable for pumping corrosive or abrasive slurries containing solids such as concentrates, tailings, coal ash, cinders, slurries, sediments...

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  • Features

  • Structure

  • MOC

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  • Performance

■Bracket structure with single casing,easy for disassembly.

■Horizontal structure with a big loading capacity.

■Optimized hydraulic models of wide applicability.

■Heavy duty shaft with better performance in strength.

■Low pump speed and linear speed design to reduce the abrasion of pump.

■Various anti-abrasion materials for different applications.