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How to Maintain a Slurry Pump?

Learn - Dec. 14, 2020

A slurry pump is a centrifugal pump in terms of its working principle. Conceptually it refers to a kind of machinery that increases the energy of the solid and liquid mixed media by means of centrifugal force (the rotation of the impeller of the pump) to convert electrical energy into The kinetic energy and potential energy of the medium are equipment. Mainly applicable to the mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and petroleum industries.

The professional title of the slurry pump head is pump body and pump cover. The so-called pump head of a general slurry pump should include the pump body and the pump cover.

The pump body is mainly connected to the rotor of the pump, and the impeller, seal and bearing assembly are connected through the bearing. The pump cover is the part corresponding to the pump body and forms a closed cavity together with the pump cover. The inside of the pump body and the pump cover is the lining of the slurry pump. The material of the lining generally includes rubber and high chromium alloy. Generally, whether the lining of the pump is rubber or metal alloy is selected according to the industrial and mining conditions.

Slurry Pump

How to Maintain a Slurry Pump?

1) Bearing water pressure and water volume should meet the requirements, adjust (or replace) the tightness of the packing at any time, do not cause leakage of the shaft seal, and replace the shaft sleeve in time;

2) When replacing the bearings, be sure to ensure that there is no dust in the bearing components and the lubricating oil is clean. The bearing temperature should generally not exceed 60-65°C during pump operation, and the maximum should not exceed 75°C;

3) To ensure the coaxiality between the motor and the pump, ensure that the elastic pad in the coupling is complete and correct, and replace it in time when damaged;

4) Ensure that the pump components and piping system are installed correctly, firmly and reliably;

5) Some parts of the slurry pump are vulnerable parts. In daily use, pay attention to the loss of the vulnerable parts, and repair or replace them in time. In the process of repairing or replacing the wearing parts of the slurry pump, ensure that the assembly is correct and the gap adjustment is reasonable to avoid the occurrence of tight friction;

6) The suction piping system of the slurry pump must be free of air leakage. At the same time, pay attention to whether the suction port is blocked during operation. The medium that the slurry pump needs to handle is mostly solid particles, so the grid placed in the pumping pool should meet the requirements of the particles that the slurry pump can pass, reduce the possibility of blockage caused by excessive particles or long fibre materials entering the pump body.

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