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Application of A Roto-Jet Pump

Learn - Feb. 16, 2023

A roto jet pump mainly handles high pressure high lift clean liquid. Roto jet pumps are widely used in petrochemical, food processing, metallurgy, mining, carbon black, paper making and other industries.

Roto jet pumps were initially used in the food industry and pulp paper making industry. At that time, clients urgently had equipped some small flow high head pumps, Roto jet pumps with their own features make them quickly occupied the food industry and paper making industry. The good reputation of roto jet pumps in these fields and its strong subsequent development make them obtain a wider range of applications.

  • 1.     Food processing industry

  • Roto jet pump has the advantages of adjustable flow rate and full range of work on the head curve, which is used in food industry cleaning system. In these food industries: brewing, food packaging, beverage processing, fruit and meat canning processing, need to use high-pressure spray guns, and always according to the need to clean up the equipment. The advantages of full characteristic operation of roto jet pump can just meet the requirements of the continuously changing flow conditions.

  • 2.     Petrochemical industry

  • In the late 1970s, the rotary jet pump began to be used in the petrochemical industry and smelting industry. Low specific speed rotary jet pump is considered to be the ideal pump equipment for low flow and high head conditions. The mechanical seal of low pressure design enables the rotary jet pump to be used in light hydrocarbon treatment. The rotary jet pump driven by variable frequency motor can be used in high pressure jet and deep well equipment to meet the requirements of these conditions.

  • 3.     Power plant station

  • The power plant has high requirements for reliability and stability, and the roto jet pump exactly can meet the requirements of high pressure and stability.  Roto jet pumps are often used as boiler feed pumps and cooling pumps in power plant system.  Steam turbines, commonly used in power plant, also require high-pressure pumps to control the injection of fuel. Traditionally, boiler feed pumps and boiler condensate recovery pumps adopt to multistage centrifugal pumps, but multistage pumps often have the problem of cavitation and pressure is not enough. If adopts to roto jet pumps, it can perfectly solve these problems. Roto jet pumps are very popular among the power generation industry.

  • 4.     Paper pulp and Paper making industry

  • In the paper industry, removing the mulch from the machine is an important step in producing high quality paper. High-pressure sprinkler heads are used to clean up the covering. Depending on the type of paper being produced and the speed of the machine, the flow rate and pressure of the nozzle need to be constantly changed. Roto jet pumps boast of full range performance, and they are very suitable for this constantly changing flow conditions.

  • 5.     Carbon black industry

  • The carbon black is one of the reinforcing agents and dyeing fillers of rubber products, and it is an essential raw material in rubber process. The carbon black process requires a heavy oil, which is heavy specific gravity and big viscosity. It also requires heating. If the temperature decreases in the process of transmission, the viscosity of the oil increases rapidly, and the output power of pumps also need to increase accordingly. This material also needs to be delivered without leakage. Rotary jet pumps have the advantages of high pressure, full characteristic operation and no leakage. It is the ideal conveying equipment for carbon black industry. Rotary jet pump can be operated under different operating conditions, and the maintenance frequency is greatly reduced. The carbon black industry has been fully equipped with rotary jet pumps.

    Roto jet pumps in carbon black factory
    A Roto-Jet Pump in carbon black processing