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How to extend the service life of chemical pumps - Maintenance of chemical pump properly

Learn - Oct. 10, 2022

Chemical pumps are important fluid equipment in the chemical industry. The quality and operation performance of chemical pump have an important impact on chemical production.Nowadays, chemical pump manufacturers are continually creating new innovations based on research and development work. Its manufacturing process is mature, fluid mechanics optimize, various applications of corrosion resistance to high temperature alloy material. The reliability of chemical pump itself, high quality, and will not cause pollution has received more and more widely used, the advantages of organic chemical pump and related chemical equipment integration, complete chemical medium transport task. Maintain chemical pump properly, can be operate smoothly, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, achieve long service life, excellent efficiency and low wear. Ensure reliability, maximum efficiency and a minimum of unplanned downtimes in chemical plant.

Chemical pump manufacturers are constantly striving to optimize their products. The performance of chemical pumps is also improving, and the components are more complex, so the efficiency and performance of pumps are optimized. However, the more sophisticated instruments and equipment, the more need to maintain, otherwise there will be problems, may lead to the pump can not operate normally, leading to the interruption of the production process. Therefore, the chemical plant to strengthen the daily maintenance and overhaul of the chemical pump

1 Chemical pump maintenance methods

1.1 Check pipelines and chemical pumps regularly:

In the process of chemical plant production, pipeline is an important part of ensuring the rapid transport of relevant raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Therefore, in the maintenance of chemical pump, chemical plants need to strengthen the inspection of pipeline, and timely find the faults and hidden dangers of pipeline system. Pipeline inspection work, the focus is to check whether there is a loose connection phenomenon, or whether the pipeline is damaged phenomenon. If the pipeline leakage, the rated flow of the chemical pump will be affected, and then affect the normal operation of the chemical pump. Specific measures for chemical plants are: to increase the importance of pipeline inspection work, use various advanced technology and equipment to regularly check the status of all kinds of pipelines, once the pipeline is found damaged, must be in accordance with the actual production and maintenance requirements, to replace the pipeline, to avoid leakage phenomenon.

check the mechanical seal of chemical pump
check pipelines and chemical pump

Chemical plant on the actual operation state of the chemical pump for regular inspection, if the speed of the chemical pump changes, or there is a lack of performance, technical engineers and workers need to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the chemical pump, focusing on the inspection of the bearing and impeller parts of the chemical pump.

1.2 Use lubricating oil correctly

In order to reduce friction, mechanical equipment will certainly use lubricating oil. In order to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the chemical pump, technical engineers need to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the internal lubricating oil of the chemical pump when maintaining the chemical pump. Observe the scale of chemical pump lubricating oil regularly, confirm the oil label, and ensure that the lubricating oil is within the recommended dosage range. If the lubricating oil in the chemical pump exceeds the standard, there will be oil leakage and damage the working environment; If the lubricating oil in the chemical pump is insufficient, in the process of use, the wear of the bearing and gear of the chemical pump will be significantly aggravated, which will greatly affect the service life of the chemical pump. The quality of the lubricating oil used in the chemical pump need to be tested. If the quality of the lubricating oil is too poor, the oil quality is easy to change, which will affect the lubrication effect and eventually lead to the shorter service life of the chemical pump.

lubricate chemical pump

1.3 Test the cooling device of chemical pump and valve

In the process of maintenance of chemical pump in the chemical plant, the cooling device and pipeline valve should be comprehensively checked. In the process of operation of chemical pump, it is necessary to set a specific cooling device for the mechanical seal of chemical pump, that is, to flush the mechanical seal with water, to avoid the mechanical seal temperature of chemical pump is too high, resulting in the damage of the mechanical seal failure. Therefore, the water diversion device and pipeline valve of chemical pump will also be related to the transport efficiency of all kinds of chemical liquids. If the water diversion performance is poor, then the chemical pump is easy to appear the phenomenon of mechanical seal failure. If the pipe valve fails, the chemical liquid will leak .  In some chemical factory, Flow of liquid with high temperatures, aggressive and flammable, if pipeline valve leak, or chemical pump mechanical seal fail to seal, the valve and pump’s structure will be irreversible damaged, and the leakage of chemical medium will pollute the environment,  even endanger the health of factory workers, cause serious consequences.

 test the cooling device of chemical pump

The operating environment of chemical pump is very bad, and the existence of a large number of corrosive gases and liquids has a great influence on the stability of chemical pump itself. Most of the chemical pump is uninterrupted operation, this high strength operation characteristics, but also very test the quality of the chemical pump, if the maintenance work failed to follow up in time, the service life of the chemical pump will be affected.

If the chemical plant wants to extend the service life of the chemical pump, it is necessary to maintain chemical pumps. (1) Regular inspection of pipelines and chemical pumps, (2) Use lubricating oil correctly, (3) Check the cooling device of chemical pumps and pipeline valves. Manage to do: (1) Regular replacement of lubricating oil, (2) Chemical pump plus thermal protection measures in cold season, (3) Clean the inside of chemical pump regularly, (4) Strengthen the management of maintenance staff. Regular inspection of the performance of chemical pump and its various systems and parts can effectively extend the service life of chemical pump, to gain more profits for the chemical plant.


Over the years, we've been working on technical exchanges with chemical plants, and we adopt the management experience of chemical plants, the following points are summarized:

vertical submerged pump maintenance

2 The key points of chemical pump maintenance

2.1 Replacement of lubricating oil

After the chemical pump is put into use, in the initial stage, technical maintenance personnel should focus on the maintenance of lubricating oil use and replacement, for example, in the first month of the chemical pump put into use, the staff can control the frequency of lubricating oil change in 100 hours. A month later, the chemical pump has passed the run-in period, therefore the replacement time of lubricating oil can be extended appropriately, which can be extended to 500 hours to replace lubricating oil. The existence of lubricating oil can minimize the wear of chemical pump bearings, avoid problems in its internal parts, and then improve the effective use time of chemical pump, improve the safety and stability of equipment.

2.2 Thermal protection of chemical pump

Low temperature will affect the stable operation of chemical pump. In winter, the area where  temperatures drop below freezing, chemical plants have thermal protection measures. However, due to climate change, frequent extreme climate, some subtropical areas, there have been below freezing in winter cold weather, and at the time of the campus construction in these regions, no equipped with thermal protection measures, suddenly faced the cold weather, chemical pump may appear frost damage phenomenon, The performance of chemical pump surface cracks, mechanical seal performance decreased, the operation of chemical pump affected. Therefore, the necessary protective measures should be set in cold weather to avoid the chemical pump being in low temperature for a long time.

2.3 Chemical pump internal cleaning

Chemical pump in use after a period of time, it is necessary to clean the inside of the chemical pump, technician need to disassemble the chemical pump, remove the water inside and on the surface of the chemical pump, and clean up the internal oil and other impurities. Applying sealing grease at the joint can improve the sealing effect of chemical pump. In the multi-effect vacuum salt making production system, scaling is a difficult problem that has not been solved. The original method is to disassemble the pump body and manually remove the scaling on the inner wall of the pump.

2.4 Adjustment of packing seal cover plate

For chemical pumps that adopt packing seals, eliminate the possible connection risks between the packing cover plate and other equipment, and ensure that the packing room is always within the specified requirements. Technicians should check the bushing position of the packing cover plate. If the bushing is worn out, it is necessary to replace the bushing.

2.5 Strengthen the management of maintenance staff

Chemical plants need to improve the professional knowledge of maintenance staff, strengthen the study of professional knowledge of chemical pump. We attach great importance to always being on hand for our customers with our services. We pay attention to after-sales service, and wo have 24-hour online technical engineers. We provide professional chemical pump maintenance advice on the after-sales service. Welcome any questions from the chemical plant, we will give professional guidance, proper use of chemical pump, guiding to extend the service life of chemical pump.

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