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How to Install the Butterfly Valve?

Learn - Jan. 25, 2021

A butterfly valve is as the name implies, its key components like a butterfly to the wind, free to gyrate. Butterfly valve's valve is a disc, rotating around an axis inside the valve seat, the size of the angle of rotation is the degree of opening and closing the valve. The next butterfly valve supplier will explain how to install the butterfly valve.

Transportation and storage

 The butterfly valve should be protected from bruising by protecting the two sealing surfaces during handling. The butterfly valve should be stored in a rainproof, dustproof and dry place, so that the butterfly plate is in the state of opening 5°-10°, and covered to prevent debris from entering the sealing surface.  

 Butterfly Valve

How to Install the Butterfly Valve?

 1. Before installation, check whether the butterfly valve specifications, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance meet the requirements of use. Each part should be checked for damage or looseness. The butterfly valve can be installed in any angle of the pipeline, should be closed installation is appropriate; welding pipe flange should be valve sealing mouth with plate blocking to prevent particles, debris frustration sealing surface.

2. Remove the valve after welding, clean the sealing surface of the valve and the inner cavity of the pipe, and then install the fixed valve. Installation pay attention to the valve closed state pressure-bearing direction.

3. The sealing surface (sealing surface of both ends, sealing surface of butterfly plate, sealing surface of valve seat) should be thoroughly wiped clean before installation to remove dust and dirt. The butterfly valve should be tested before installation, the opening and closing should be flexible and the opening and closing position should be in accordance with the position indicated by the pointer.

4. Manual operation clockwise for off, counterclockwise for open, the pointer indication in place and then not allowed to add force to open and close the valve. Valve pressure test, not allowed to use a single flange for installation test pressure, must be installed using double flange test pressure. The test pressure should be in line with GB/T13927-92 standard provisions.

5. tightening bolts should be symmetrical alternate tightening, not allowed to tighten individually in turn. Limit screw factory has been adjusted, not easily adjusted. If the configuration drive device is electric or pneumatic, please read the manual of supporting drive device.

6. The electric butterfly valve has been adjusted to the opening and closing stroke of the control mechanism at the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is connected, the user should open manually to the half-open position before connecting the power for the first time, and then press the flick switch to check the direction of the indicator panel and the direction of the valve opening can be the same.

7. Valve opening and closing malfunction should be found to identify the reasons for repair and exclusion, to prevent the use of force method to switch the valve, resulting in damage to the valve.