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Two series of our products have obtained CE certification

Learn - Oct. 13, 2016

Congratulations: Our two series of products have passed CE certification. After hard work, the company's DJ type propeller series products and ZLX vertical submerged slurry pump series products have obtained CE certification.

The “CE” mark is a safety certification mark and is regarded as a passport that the manufacturer opens and enters the European market. CE stands for CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. Products bearing the "CE" mark can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member states. At the same time, products sold in the EU must be marked with a “CE” mark to indicate that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU Directive on Technology Coordination and Standardization. This is a mandatory requirement for products in EU law.

According to this, 10 sets of DJ propellers and 31 sets of ZLX vertical submerged slurry pumps signed by our company and Turkish customers can be labeled with “CE”.